What makes us


High Expertise

We’ve been through a lot of unique challenges. In view of that, we know how to adapt and provide the best work for you!

Key Distributor

As we have more than 100+ partners, we have access to a big network that helps us find exactly what you need.

Different Solutions

Depending on what you need, from supply to design or assembly, MARBEL can help with the entire process.

Highly Trained Staff

Our teams are highly trained, more than 90% of them have a technical background.


We believe in transparency and always put our customers first. All shipments have COCs and quality is always what we aim at.

Network of Locations

One of our continued strategies from the beginning is to be able to help our customers no matter the language or hour.


What our clients say

“Finding electronic parts can take a lot of time. With MARBEL, we can easily find the right parts that we need and calculate how fast they will reach us. All of this with an amazing support team!”


“Since we worked together for the first time with MARBEL, finding the best deal has always been easy with them. They even offered support for custom orders that we didn’t think could be achieved.”


“Serious team that have been helping us with our electronic components needs for the last years.”


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Jacob William